Tuesday, January 24, 2012

:: exhaustion from ALAMW12

Wow, my first book conference is OVER and I am STILL exhausted. Seriously my shoulders are still sore and my feet are hating me.

However, the conference itself was amazing...I don't even know how many books I came home with {mainly because I'm still not home lol AND my friend Jenn  is awesome and took my books back with her}. I did purposefully pull out a few books to read first, In Honor, A World Away and a second purchased copy of The Fault of Our Stars {since I had left one copy in Houston to be signed there}.

I think my favorite part of the conference was meeting all the amazing bloggers and authors that attended the show...though nothing could top me finally getting to meet Kaitlin after years of talking to her online!!

I should resume normal programming on Thursday when I finally get some sleep :)

Did you go to ALAMW12? What was your favorite book?

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